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Saratoga: 451 Lake Ave 518-306-6728
Queensbury: 118 Quaker Rd 518-761-9066

Frequently Asked Questions

Store Questions:
Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: We appreciate your cash payment but we also accept Visa and Mastercard.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: We can only accept returns on a case by case basis. If you purchased an item that does not function properly please contact us within 5 days of purchase to discuss your situation. Many items that come in do not include all original pieces. We cannot accept returns of items that are missing pieces so please inspect items thoroughly before purchasing. We do not accept returns of items that did not fit, no exceptions. We are not able to accept returns of products in which you do not have the original tag because we would not be able to identify the consignor.

Q: How do you decide on pricing? Are prices negotiable?
A: Prices are based on current MSRP in local stores (aprox 40-70% less than current retail price).Prices are not negotiable. If you feel an item is mispriced based on current MSRP please let us know. We do take a lot of time to look up most of our items in order to correctly price them.

Q:How do I know your items are safe to re-use?
A: We recieve daily e-mails of all recalls and check all items that come in. 
We do not sell items deemed dangerous or illegal to resell -  sleep positioners, expired or damaged car seats, etc. We are not responsible if an items comes under recall after you purchase it. Many items that do have a recall can be easily fixed with a replacement piece. If we notice an item is recalled many times we can order the replacement piece for you or instruct you on how to order it yourself.

Consignment Questions:
Q:Why are you the best place to consign?
A: We do all of the work for you and we won't sell your items for pennies!
-50% return on all items priced over $30.
-Cash on the spot option for gear & furniture (just email us!).
- No consignment fee.
- No hangers required.
-We'll tag and hang it for you.
- Get paid anytime! No set payout days!
- We'll pull your unsold stuff for you at the end of the consignment period. Don't waste your time searching for your things at the end of the period.
- We have great turnover!! We advertise your items on our website and our facebook page so your things sell FAST!
- Make MORE money faster with us!  LESS HASSLE, MORE CASH!

Q: Do you charge a fee to consign?
A: No, unlike many consignment stores, we DO NOT charge any fees to consign your items.

Q: Can I get my items back if they do not sell during the consignment period?
A: Yes! We will pull and store you unsold items if you request it. We do charge 5 cents per item to pull and bag your unsold items for you.

Q: Do you require an appointment?
A: New consignors must make an appointment unless you have an item on our wish list. Current consignors can drop up to 25 clothing items in our drop bin per month. We accept large items and toys by appointment only. 

Q: Can I get a list of the items I bring in for consignment?
A: Yes, once the items are entered into our computer system you are welcome to stop in for a full list of what you have dropped off. Depending on volume, it may take up to 5 business days to tag all of your items. Sorry, we cannot e-mail inventory lists.

Q: How long will my items be displayed?
A: Merchandise will be displayed in the store for a minimum of thirty days after drop off. After thirty days merchandise may be removed or price may be reduced at our discretion. Most items will be left out on the floor until you call for pick up or ninety days has passed. Items not picked up within your designated pick up month become property of the store to sell or donate.

Q: Can I take my items back early?
A: No, once items are dropped off for consignment they must stay at the store until the consignment period is up or until the store deems the items are unsellable, whichever comes first.

Q: Why do you not accept some items/brands?
A: Because we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality, name brand items possible, we often must decline items that do not meet our brand or quality standards. Please keep this in mind and try to only bring in items you would purchase pre-owned for your children. In addition due to space restrictions we sometimes must turn down items due to lack of demand or over-supply. Furthermore, less expensive brands tend to shrink and wear more than the higher end brands. In order to keep our items looking "like new" we limit brands to only the best!

Q: Do my items need to be on hangers?
A: No, hangers are not required. Please bring your items in a bag/box that we can keep. We do not have the space to save plastic tubs so if your items arrive in a plastic tub or reusable shopping tote, it will become property of the store. Although we do not require hangers, items still must be free of wrinkles! We do appreciate donations of plain white hangers!

Q: How do I optimize my consigning experience?
A: Here's how to make the MOST MONEY!
-Bring your items in clean condition - dirty items don't sell!
 Be sure to check under removable pieces such as high chair pads, trays, sheets, etc.
-Bring toys with all of their pieces. The more pieces you can find the more we can sell it for.
-Bring your clothing wrinkle-free with all of the snaps and buttons done. Clothing that looks neat and well taken care of sells the quickest for the best price! Clothing that comes in jammed into garbage bags does not stay wrinkle free.
-Wipe down shoes before bringing them. 
-Only bring current styles. Dated items do not sell. Shoppers are looking for current, in season styles and brands.